To all Kubix Festival Customers

Coronavirus Update Statement Posted 15th June 2021 We’ve looked at all possible options to ensure Kubix goes ahead this year and we can now announce the Kubix 2021 plans to make sure we can still enjoy some brilliant live music soon and ensure one of the North East’s biggest festivals comes back, better than ever 🔥 Kubix will take over Herrington Park for the first 2 weekends of October and the festival will run, as planned, on two stages – both will now be held this year in huge big tops, so you won’t have to worry if it rains! ☔️ ⚡️ Kubix Saturday’s day of rock, indie, and much more, will be held on Saturday 2nd October 2021. ⚡️ Kubix Friday’s pop and dance extravaganza will be held on Friday 8th October 2021. These two events have had to move to separate weekends to ensure you still get fantastic line ups and on another two dates (Fri 1st Oct / Sat 9th Oct) we will be adding two extra and exciting new days of live music, to be announced soon, and as a Kubix ticket-holder, you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase tickets on an exclusive pre-sale at substantial discount ✔️ The views across Herrington Park will be dominated by two massive big tops (including one which is by far the largest big top ever seen in the North-East) bringing the ‘outdoors, indoors’ and a food and drinks village, with a large number of bars and food vendors, to cater for all needs. With big stages, video screens and a spectacular production planned, it’s going to be something very special, and you are going to be in for a treat. We know there’s going to be lots of questions and all ticket-holders will be receiving an email in the next couple of days, with full details, but let’s answer as many of them as possible here now: 🔹 What will it look like? 🔹 With two huge big top stages and a planned production of big video screens, stages and spectacular sound/lighting, the Kubix Village will bring something completely new to the North East and we will be releasing artist impressions of the layout this weekend – it’s going to look, sound and feel very special. 🔹 Why October? 🔹 Getting loads of bands and artists in from all over, plus dozens of suppliers and hundreds of staff, and all on new dates, is a huge logistical exercise that takes massive planning, so trying for late July was too risky and we wanted to make sure this time, that even with any unlikely further delays, that Kubix 2021 WILL be held. 🔹 Why two weekends? 🔹 This was needed to make sure that we could invite all the artists back and the exact line ups will be announced in a few days. As a bonus though, it gives us one extra day each weekend to put some really exciting extra shows on this year, to be announced soon. 🔹 Why not move to 2022 instead? 🔹 We have done everything in our power as local promoters, who love this area, to make sure our dreams were kept alive. We wanted to ensure that we have something to look forward to this year and we’ve come this far without giving up, so we weren’t going to let this final hurdle stop us, as keeping the best live music local is hugely important to us. It’s crucial also to remember the suppliers, workers and contractors for whom live music is their livelihood and income, we can’t ask those people to just write off another year when we can still get together in 2021. 🔹 Can we still camp? 🔹 Yes, camping will still operate and all camping ticket-holders will be receiving an email directly to them in the next couple of days, to confirm full details of how this will work. 🔹 I have a weekend ticket, presumably I can still come on both days? 🔹 Yes, absolutely, your tickets are valid for both days but if you decide to only come on one of the two days just email us at and your tickets can be changed to one day and the price difference refunded to you. 🔹 What about the weather? 🔹 It’s a win/win, as if it’s warm, the huge sides of the big tops will be opened up and the event will be semi open-air and if it rains you’re keeping perfectly dry. October (last 5 year’s temperature statistics records) has been an average of about 2 degrees warmer than April (and we all go out places at Easter) and is very similar to May so although Autumn starts just before these, events it will actually be perfect live music weather. We have some very big plans for Kubix in 2022 including some huge artists already booked and ready. While we can’t say much more yet, it will mean huge improvements to every aspect of what we do, a much bigger choice of music events in our region and even more live music, to put us firmly on the map. If you attend any Kubix this year, you will be given exclusive first pre-sale discounts on all 2022 tickets. Let’s finally do this! It might be just over 3 months to go but when it’s finally here, you are going to be blown away! The live music and hospitality industries have been kicked to the kerb time and again during this pandemic, but we’ve fought hard to get to this stage and still be able to promise you some live music days to remember. Thanks for your support and if you’ve got a ticket and can come, then don’t miss it and a final small allocation for each day will be on sale later this week. 15 weeks to go until you join us back in the fields! It’ll be here before you know it! 🙌 Much love, Kubix team x Coronavirus Statement Posted 14th June 2021 Following tonight’s government announcement, with a heavy heart we have to announce the rescheduling of Kubix Festival to later this year. The dates will be announced tomorrow and all bands are being invited back, as we speak, with final line up confirmation also made in the next few days.

You all know that we’re not a huge multi-national promotion company. We’re an independent North-East team of music lovers, who ten years ago set out to bring the best events and live music to our region, and always at the best value possible. Like all the hospitality and events industry, we’ve been hanging on for so long, it’s felt like forever, and there’s been some periods where we wondered if live music would ever be back. But we’ve done everything in our power to ensure a bright future for Kubix. We will not give up and after nearly 18 months of juggling proverbial plates, we won’t allow this delay to stop the festival going ahead this year.

We are in dialogue with the local authorities and public health teams who are extremely supportive of Kubix Festival and we are working to ensure that we can offer a revised date which, considering all of the data and forecasts, offers some real certainty of the 2021 party that everyone needs.

You have all been incredibly loyal to the festival and stuck with us throughout and we are eternally grateful for your support by buying and holding onto your tickets.

  • Once they are announced, if you can make the new dates, please just keep your tickets and they will automatically be valid.
  • If you can’t make it and wish to cancel for a refund, please email us at within 14 days.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer, you can make your tickets valid for 2022 if you can’t make this year and if you’d like to organise this, just email us and we’ll do the rest.

We might feel down right now, but we’re definitely not out. Your support has kept Kubix going and it’s your local festival. Kubix IS coming, very soon.

Kubix Team x

Coronavirus Statement Posted 7th June 2021 Kubix Festival weekend is getting closer, so we want to give everyone an update about exactly where everything is at this moment in time. Like all outdoor events, we are all keenly waiting to hear the final government news on 14th June, to confirm if the full Road Map goes ahead on 21st June 2021. We are confident that outdoor events will be permitted to run in full, but all government legislation and guidelines will need to be adhered to, and right now we can’t accurately predict what they will be. Here’s all the details of exactly where things stand at the moment: Cancellation Insurance We are aware of a number of events who have cancelled this year due to the lack of a government underwritten Covid Cancellation Insurance Scheme. While we share their disappointment at the lack of such a scheme, we have decided, that as a team of local independent promoters, we are prepared to accept this financial risk ourselves, in order to be able to put the event on this year, as scheduled. Covid Passports and Testing We believe, as has been reported at various outlets recently, that Covid Passports will not be introduced for Domestic purposes. We cannot however rule out that proof of a negative test may be a requirement to attend large events and festivals. Our policy in this respect will be entirely led by the legislation introduced by the government, with which we will comply fully, in order to ensure that the event is able to take place.  To this end, we would like to bring to everyone’s attention the following statement from Gerry Taylor, Executive Director of Public Health and Integrated Commissioning at Sunderland City Council: “We are working closely with organisers to support them in their plans for the safe return of their events.  I know people will be really excited to be able to participate in events again but it’s really important with Covid rates at some of the lowest we’ve seen since last summer, that we don’t undo all the hard work everyone has done to reduce infection rates in our city.  So if you’re taking part, I’d urge you to do your bit by taking a self-administered Covid test at home twice before you attend. Test 4-5 days before, 24 hours before and then 2-3 days after your attendance.  Lots of people are already doing twice weekly testing either through work or because they have children at secondary school. But if you haven’t done one before, you can book an assisted test at one of our assisted test sites. You can find out about these and how to get hold of home tests by visiting our website,  It’s really important that we all make testing a regular part of our everyday lives especially as we start to get out more and mix in large numbers at events like this to help us find people who may have Covid without knowing it, and that we all continue to follow the hands, face, space and fresh air guidance.” Contingency Plans In the event that the government’s announcement is such that outdoor events are not able to return immediately, we will initiate our contingency plans, which have been developed through intensive discussion with all bands and relevant authorities, to reschedule the event, with its current line-up invited back, to later this year, with the exact date to be confirmed at the time, in the event of a reschedule. Are we going ahead? If Boris announces an end to outdoor social distancing restrictions from the 21st June 2021 then yes, we will be going ahead as planned, and this is the scenario that we expect. If, however, he announces a delay or change to the above, then we will be unable to run at the start of July and we would announce the revised dates as quickly as possible. It’s not a scenario we’re expecting as things look to be on course for 2nd and 3rd July 2021 but we have to be realistic and plan for that possibility to protect the future of Kubix Festival and its place on the North East live music calendar. We are as confident as it is possible to be, that Kubix will run at the start of next month, and we have been doing everything possible to ensure that, one way or the other, Kubix happens this year, not only to support all the various areas of the live music industry, but also to guarantee that we can all enjoy Kubix this year. Live music has been away for a long time and after such a difficult time for everyone, we need some good times back in all our lives. Keeping great live music in the North East is vital and we’ve put everything on the line to make sure we bring you Kubix back this year, next month, or worst-case, later this year. We can honestly say that our small independent team has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, making sure Kubix survived. We’ve not had any Arts Council Grants to help us along and it’s thanks to all you out there, who have supported us by keeping your tickets and buying ones in the last few months, that we’ve made it to this point. The team have invested their time and money to protect Kubix, and its long-term future, despite the numerous difficulties since early last year, so we weren’t going to give up now, whatever the last 15 months have thrown at us. We’re on the home straight and you’re going to see the best-ever Kubix this year and the festival will be here for years to come, with some exciting plans for future growth from next year. We will make an announcement immediately after the government’s Road Map information is confirmed, after the 14th, so please bear with us and we’ll see you there. All the best Kubix Team x

In light of the ongoing uncertainty and concern surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic we have been working very hard to look at all the sensible options for Kubix Festival this year, and as a result, the decision has been taken to reschedule Kubix Festival to 2021 on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd July 2021.

We haven’t taken the decision lightly but as a small team of local promoters bringing fantastic live music to the North East, at the best-value prices there are for the last 8 years, we have done everything in our power to ensure Kubix will be here for many years to come and give something back to all you live music lovers.

Firstly, ALL tickets will be valid for 2021 and in light of us asking you to support Kubix and the live music industry in general, by please keeping your tickets for next year, we have taken the unprecedented step of repaying that loyalty back to you all. EVERY Kubix ticket-holder who purchased a ticket up to today’s date and keeps their ticket for 2021 will be entitled to £10 of drinks vouchers per Adult ticket – nearly half the value of a one day Adult ticket, and a £5 drinks voucher per Under 16s ticket. This is a genuine gesture from the Kubix Festival team, in conjunction with our good friends, Barserve, festival bar specialists who will be running a superb, bigger and better set of bar facilities next year. We are making this gesture that we hope will demonstrate our loyalty to you all and desire to see Kubix grow and become an established event on the North-East music calendar.

When you present your ticket at the entrance gate next year, you will automatically be given your free drinks vouchers on entry, to spend on drinks as you wish. There are no hidden catches, the vouchers can be used for anything sold at the bars in any combination and all drinks prices will be as competitive as ever. We want to keep great live music in the North East and with your support in keeping your tickets for next year, we want to repay that with your first £10 of drinks – on us! We will all need a good party by then, after such difficult times.

Secondly, we will be donating 1,000 free tickets for the Friday and Saturday next year, to local NHS Charities to use. We have to say thank you to our wonderful NHS, care services and other front-line workers for their incredible work, not just during this crisis but all year round.

We are working with all the bands, as we speak, to invite them ALL back next year and there will also be a few new extra surprise additions, all announced over the next few months.

We are now faced with huge challenges that no one could have foreseen. These are unprecedented times for us all, and as a local festival business we reinvest in our events each year, to make them bigger and better. The pandemic crisis has made it incredibly difficult, so in order to support the whole live music industry and ensure the festival will still be here for many years to come, we ask if you could kindly keep your tickets to use in 2021, have some free drinks on us and we’ll have a very special weekend together next year, better than ever.

Stay safe and well and we’ll see you there.

Kubix team x

The ongoing concern regarding Covid-19 and Coronavirus are, correctly, in everyone’s minds at present. With this in mind, we have decided to explain our current approach and the consideration given to it.
Since the early stages of the progression of the virus within the UK, we have been in regular contact with appropriate expert bodies and sought out all current professional advice to determine an appropriate, safe and considered response to ongoing concerns.
At this time, and after due consideration of advice from the UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer which stated that “[since] the virus will not survive very long outside, many outdoor events, particularly, are relatively safe”, we have decided that the Festival will proceed as planned, with suitable measures and steps undertaken to provide suitable assistance to our customers in maintaining suitable hygiene, sanitation and public health steps.

There are 2 immediate concerns expressed by customers that we wish to address at this time and provide definite reassurance to our valued supporters:

  1. The Festival will proceed as planned without cancellation and, in as far as is within our control on the original date, though it goes without saying that should government and scientific advice change and the date were to become unsuitable for a public gathering, the Festival will run with the shortest possible postponement. Postponement will only be if government advice, contrary to its current position, is to suggest that it would be unsafe on its current date and [postponement] would then be for the shortest time possible before the Festival takes place.
  2. In the event that any of our customers are unable to attend the Festival due to self-isolation as a result of infection or possible infection, we will honour that same ticket to the next Festival without any further costs or fees. We hope our customers appreciate that this is a major step not replicated by many other festivals and is indicative of our wish to stand by our customers through this time, as we hope they stand by us.

Public Health England have been very clear in their message that improved personal hygiene, awareness of symptoms and self-isolation for those affected are the primary steps on which the UK’s response will focus. To support this and assist our customers, we are already committed and have begun work toward the following:

  • A substantial up-scaling of hygiene facilities available at the festival including hand sanitising points and hand washing stations;
  • Provision of ample signage and other information distribution in the run up to and at the Festival highlighting all public information, symptom awareness and “What to do” briefings to assist our customers in supporting our efforts to produce a safe event in line with national approaches to managing the ongoing public health concern;
  • A significant increase in the quantity of toilets, showers and other welfare facilities available;
  • Deployment of a dedicated team who will collectively clean, maintain and sanitise toilet, shower and other washing facilities 24/7 throughout the Festival;
  • A full appraisal of the current environment will be carried out by our Festival’s dedicated Medical Team who will implement such additional measures as are recommended in light of the ongoing outbreak to suitable manage any persons who may become unwell. Our consideration in respect of medical services provided remains as it always has been – we aim to ensure that our customers have quicker and easier access to medical services at our festivals than they would in their home. That objective will remain the case moving forward and we will fully commit to all suitable steps and investment to maintain it;
  • We are working actively to take sensible steps to increase the size of our event spaces and Arena, with a view to allow persons more room and decreasing close contact within the Festival.

We would like to summarise this announcement and re-iterate the following:

  • We are firmly committed to ensuring that the Festival takes place on its planned date, in a safe manner and with all suitable consideration and investment undertaken to place customer welfare as an uninterrupted priority;
  • Should public health advice change from its current guidance that outdoor events remain safe, we will consider postponement of the Festival to such a time that no risk is posed in this respect;
  • Even in the event that you are unable to attend the festival as a result of infection, we will voluntarily honour your ticket for the next Festival at no cost to you;

We hope you appreciate our efforts and the steps we are taking to manage the Festival safely and sensibly; we certainly appreciate your ongoing support.